Across the country, whether in rural countryside or in busy urban centers, people are connecting their understanding of the Divine to the need for food. We see it in farm churches, communal kitchens, urban farms, and dinner gatherings. The deep hunger for meaning echoes the deep hunger for sustenance. This work crosses divisions of race, class, economics, and religion. More often than not, this work is being done away from bright lights and out of sight of most faith communities. We believe that these stories desperately need to be heard!

The Food and Faith Storytelling Collective is a group of practitioners, writers, clergy, and artists who believe that the Stories of Food and Faith that live in community gardens, church basements, and farms in out-of-the-way places can be the catalysts for healing in a broken world. We’re committed to using every medium at our disposal to share the tales of life, death, and renewal that are embedded in our faith traditions and present at our tables.


headshot of Derick Weston smiling and wearing a blue jacket.
Derrick Weston

Derrick Weston is the founder of Stories of Food and Faith, a non-profit multi-media collective for all who care about faith-based food justice.  

A long-time believer in the power of storytelling, Derrick holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Divinity from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Before devoting himself full-time to the work of food and faith, Derrick spent his career serving churches and faith-based non-profits. Stories of Food and Faith is the culmination of Derrick’s education and experience as a producer, podcast host, writer, speaker, and community organizer.

Derrick began his love of gardening as a child alongside his grandfather. This love grew to a life-long exploration of how our hands in the dirt intimately connect us to the divine and each other.  During this time with the Re: Generate Fellowship at Wake Forest University, he was challenged to see how his interests in gardening connected to the more significant issues of food justice in the world.

Derrick is a recipient of the Louisville Institute’s Pastoral Studies Grant, a regular columnist for Presbyterians Today Magazine, and his work with community gardens has been featured on NPR’s Marketplace.

Derrick lives outside of Baltimore with his wife, Shannon, and is the proud father of Maggie, Thomas, Gus, and Sophia. Derrick can be found on social media @derricklweston.